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The Golden Snowflake - best winter film 

The Crimson Snowflake - best Canadian film 

The Sapphire Snowflake - best Edmonton film 

We are one of the few winter film festivals that 

pays reasonable fees to 

filmmakers and artists.


1. Except for Edmonton-made films, all films must be relevant to at least one of the theme(s) of the festival in order to be considered as a possible candidate. The theme(s) of the festival are Winter, climate change, alpine, polar, and indigenous perspective.


2. All participants understand that their selected work may be shown at least once during the International Festival of Winter Cinema and any other related event.


3. The IFWC welcomes all entries, but specifically encourages films made by Edmonton, low income, LGBTQ2S+, BIPOC or differently abled filmmakers.


4. All non-English films with dialogue must have English subtitles.


5. All artist fees will be paid by PayPal or Interac e-transfer to the submitter within 90 days after the festival. The IFWC reserves the right to amend its screening fees rates and payment schedule at any time.


6. The IFWC reserves the right to remove selected films from its program for any reason and at any time.


7. The IFWC shall not be held responsible for any audiovisual materials that are damaged as part of the submission or exhibition process.


8. IFWC will only accept digital screener submissions and exhibition copies.


9. By submitting your film, you agree to the IFWC using all audiovisual media associated with your film and your press kit for promotional purposes in perpetuity.


10 . The IFWC reviews all submissions but shall not be held responsible for any incomplete submissions, including those that affect final decisions. For all technical issues related to your submission please contact


11. The IFWC encourages filmmakers to attend the Festival in an environmentally sustainable manner and does not pay for travel costs. Non-Edmonton filmmakers are encouraged to prioritize investing their resources into developing their local arts and culture scene over long-distance travel.


12. Filmmakers of any age may submit to the festival. Filmmakers under 18 years of age whose films are selected may be asked to provide parental/guardian consent for selected activities.


13. Upon submitting a film, applicant agrees it holds all rights to distribute and exhibit all intellectual property associated with their submission.

14. The International Festival of Winter Cinema Society is the administrator of the International Festival of Winter Cinema and reserves the right to amend any rules and terms at any time and for any reason.


15. By submitting a film, applicant acknowledges that they have read and agreed to the above terms.


The IFWC still aims to produce a 2022 festival. However, if it is cancelled due to COVID19, submission fees will not be refunded and all submitted films will automatically be placed in competition for the 2023 film festival.

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